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Local Accommodation


Local Accommodation

Casa do Penedo will soon have local accommodation, it will be possible to book the house just for you and your family and enjoy the maximum experience.
  • Sleeps 5 single beds (3 bedrooms).
  • A toilet bathroom.
  • Table for 8 people.
  • Kitchen with gas.
  • Living room with fireplace.
  • Pool over the boulder.
  • Oven house for support.

We have:

  • Running water.
  • Light (Candle).
  • Gas.

We do not have:

  • Electricity.
  • Household appliances.
  • Phone and Internet.

We accept pre bookings from April 2020 without obligation. To do so, leave your details, we will send our budget for the desired period of stay. It may include lunch, dinner and breakfast.


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